The influencer offers some perspective.

The news cycle surrounding Sketch has been extremely frantic. The Madden streamer has become a conversation point for celebrities in professions other than his own. DJ Akademiks used portion of his July 10th stream to demonstrate why Sketch’s controversy is really beneficial to business. The streamer admitted that he previously had an OnlyFans account where he engaged in sexual actions with men. However, the diversity of viewpoints on the subject is what makes hearing from someone who is familiar with Sketch so appealing. He actually has a girlfriend.

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Faith Ordway, a social media personality, responded to the Sketch OnlyFans leaks via TikTok. She assured the fans that nothing had changed between her and Sketch, despite of the material revealed. “I have no opinion,” Ordway stated. “Nothing changed. Sketch is still Sketch. He’s still the person you admire and love. And that I love and understand.” The influencer also confirmed whether she has seen the OnlyFans leaks for herself. She added that she had avoided them since she believes it does not concern her. “I’ve steered clear from doing like a deep dive,” she informed me. “Because it’s just not my business.”

Faith Ordway examines the various fan reactions in her TikTok. “There’s obviously a large amount of hate going his way,” she told me. “This is obviously a little bit of a curveball for people, so they’re soaking it up and it’s been blown out all over the place.” The good news is that Sketch has garnered considerable support from the Twitch community. Ordway is sure that his career will continue to grow, and he is pleased that Sketch is “safe” at the end of the day.

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Ordway concluded the TikTok by attempting to convey what Sketch had been through in the past week. She stated that few people will comprehend what it is like to have so many eyes on them. Especially when something personal comes to light, such as the OnlyFans leak. “Send him love,” she advised viewers. “Don’t say hurtful things that you might think are funny.” Given what Sketch has said regarding the impact from the OnlyFans revelation, this is very crucial. The streamer claimed that he considered suicide, but the support of friends, family, and followers helped him get through it.