Cirque du Soleil takes a surprising turn as it debuts Songblazers, its first country music show in conjunction with Universal Music Group Nashville.

On July 10, Cirque du Soleil and Universal Music Group Nashville made their joyous country music debut with Songblazers in Nashville. Amy Tinkham’s trailblazing theater show paid tribute to great country music icons, transporting audiences back in time with aerial acrobatics and singalongs, including favorites like “Man!” I Feel Like a Woman!”, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and “Friends in Low Places.”

For the first time, Cirque du Soleil will dedicate a production to country music and its rich tale. The one-of-a-kind presentation includes a carefully picked repertoire of 35 songs spanning the years 1867 to 2024. It’s no surprise that the show launched in Nashville, given the city’s close affinity with country music.

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“Being asked to create a show on country music is a massive undertaking. So I took a deep dive into the history and craft of a song, which is really important in country music. sharing the truth and sharing the tale is the most beautiful aspect of country music, and that is what Songblazers is about, according to program writer and director Amy Tinkham.

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The Songblazers red carpet at the world premiere in Nashville welcomed a diverse array of music industry figures, artists, influencers, and community leaders, including Mayor Freddie O’Connell, Sam Williams, Bowen & Young, Carlene Carter, Ty Herndon, Kentucky Gentleman, Rob Mayes, Neon Union, Ryan Larkins, Alison Nichols, Jamie O’Neal, Shane West, and many others.

As audiences are taken through the rich tapestry of country music history and legacy, they are encouraged to hold on to their cowboy hats and go on a never-before-seen journey. Observers may see the creative process evolve as two enthusiastic songwriters go deep into the heart of country music to create the perfect country hit that pays homage to its roots while embracing contemporary allure. From the dusty trails of classic ballads to the lively energy of contemporary anthems, this production seeks to portray the essence of the genre’s enduring legacy.