Rap fans are going crazy on social media after Dr. Dre shared a video of ‘legend’ Eminem proving he ‘can never be touched’.

Eminem has not only created a song called ‘Rap God’, but he has also been nicknamed the title himself, and it’s easy to see why after watching Dr. Dre’s film showcasing his incredible technique.

Check out this video:

Dr. Dre shared the video on Instagram, captioned it, “Marshall Mathers vs Who???!!”

The audio features Eminem rapping the words of his popular tune ‘Godzilla,’ which first featured on the ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ album.

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Not just rapping, but rapping at breakneck speed, spitting out a staggering quantity in under 30 seconds.

He raps in front of some antique arcade games, “Fill ’em with the venom, and eliminate ’em.” In other words, I “minute maid” them. I didn’t mean to hurt ’em, but I did in a rage.

“I’m murdering again; no one will escape him. I’m going to kill them and dump the bodies in a lake. Everything will be destroyed, incinerated, and renegaded.

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“And I make anyone who wants it with the pen fearful.” But nobody wants it, but they’ll get it anyway.’Because I’m starting to feel like I’m mentally ill. I’m Atilla; murder or be killed. I’m a killer; be the vanilla gorilla. You’re pulling the killer out of me.”

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He continues, waggling his finger at the camera: “You do not want to be the demon’s enemy. Whoever went in and received me would be stupid.

“Every part of me is the definition of a spitter. When I’m around, motherf***er, you better duck. Or you’re going to die the moment you run into me.

“A hundred percent of you equals a fifth of a percent of me. I am about to fing finish you, b*; I am unfadable. You want to fight, I’m available, and I’m blowing up like an inflatable. I’m unarguable, unavoidable, and unchangeable.”

Eminem is so rapid that even Dr. Dre, a fellow rapper and music producer, wonders if anyone else on the earth can compete.

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Fortunately for Dr. Dre, he does not have to compete against Eminem, but rather collaborates with him; the two have collaborated frequently since Dre signed the ‘Lose Yourself’ singer to his record company, Aftermath Records, in 1998.

Of course, the video energized both fans and creators.

Dre’s short video received millions of views, with thousands eager to share their reactions.

One Instagram user applauded “Dre!”. Thank you very much for gifting us Emma!”

“You found him, and thank you for doing so,” said a second.

“We’re all gonna have an aneurysm trying to process this speed,” one person joked.

A fourth wrote that the ‘Mockingbird’ rapper ‘can never be touched’, and a fifth called him a ‘legend’.

“He is the man,” said the final Instagram user.

What do you think of the quick-fire bars?