Ryan Garcia was previously expelled from the World Boxing Council for a Twitter outburst against George Floyd, Muslims, and others.

Ryan Garcia traveled to Anaheim, California, over the weekend to support his brother Sean in his fight against Amado Vargas on the undercard of Nate Diaz versus Jorge Masvidal.

In fact, he ran into Wiz Khalifa during the event and posted a video of their meeting online. “Real vibes, real time.” @wizkhalifa “What’s the next move, Monaco????” the boxer captioned the video, to which the rapper reportedly responded, “We’re linking up in Europe.” However, many fans were unhappy with the collaboration because of Garcia’s recent racist tirade against Black people and other groups, accusing him of attempting to exploit Wiz and black fans’ goodwill.

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For those unaware, this resulted in his banishment from the World Boxing Council. “Exercising my authority as president of the WBC, I am hereby expelling Ryan Garcia from any activity with our organization,” Mauricio Sulaiman announced on Thursday, July 4. “We condemn all forms of discrimination. I am concerned for Ryan’s well-being. He has ignored numerous requests for our assistance with mental health and substance misuse.” As a result, many fans questioned whether Wiz Khalifa was aware of what Garcia had said, and speculated that if he was, he would be less interested in a photo opportunity.

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“I haven’t spoken with Ryan in a long time,” Ryan Garcia’s father told Fight Hub TV in a recent interview. “He speaks more to his mother than to me. But that’s fine; he’ll call me when he wants to. I’d like for him to receive some kind of therapy for his drinking. I’m being honest. He says he has control over it. I hope he can. But if he doesn’t, get him into therapy so he can stop.”

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Meanwhile, Ryan Garcia apologized for his statements, which were heavy and confrontational, so not everyone is forgiving. It’s also not his first notable rap crossover of the year, as he sparked outrage when he stated the truth to refute claims that Drake was implicated in XXXTENTACION’s death. This sparked indignation not only among X followers, but also among close colleagues of him and Drizzy, such Ski Mask The Slump God, Vory, and others. We’ll see whether other rappers hear what Garcia said and decide to let bygones be bygones if they cross paths.