This is the last opportunity. John Cena has declared his retirement from the WWE. He will go on a retirement tour in 2025 and compete in Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble contests.

At WWE’s Money in the Bank Premium Live Event in Toronto, Cena declared, “Tonight, I officially announce my retirement from WWE.”

Cena declared, “It won’t end at WrestleMania.” “This will be my final WrestleMania.” However, if all goes as planned, we should be able to run straight through January and December.

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As he balances various endeavors outside the ring, John Cena revealed that the tentative schedule for his retirement tour is 30–40 shows. As a 16-time world champion, Cena is now tied with Ric Flair; one more world title victory would break this record. Although I would adore the chance, opportunities like that must be earned. I have some work to do, considering my past performance,” Cena remarked.

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