Hulk Hogan is accused of terminating a brand ambassador for his Real American Beer after meeting her and learning she was a Black woman.

According to two TikTok posts published by influencer Essence Jenai, she was employed as a brand ambassador for Hogan’s new beer brand for a one-week period. This included appearances at parties and other promotional activities. Jenai alleges she was dismissed after meeting the former wrestler in person for the first time, hinting she was hired through a booking agency.

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“@Hulk Hogan, thanks for making it clear that you don’t work with BLACK brand ambassadors,” Essence wrote her first TikTok, in which she shared photos from the first in-store event with Hogan. She doubled back with a remark in the video that stated, “POV: Hulk Hogan paid you to be a brand ambassador and then canceled your contract the next day because he realized you were a BLACK brand ambassador.”


@Hulk Hogan thanks for making it clear that you don’t work with BLACK brand ambassadors. #fypage #hulkhogan #brandambassador

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She offered more data in a second film, in which a text exchange implies she was let go under the premise that the rest of their events had been cancelled. When Essence checked social media, she realized that the show went on without her and another Black lady she worked with, but with three non-Black women instead.