Last month, Julio Foolio, a Florida rapper better known by his legal name, Charles Jones, was tragically shot and died in an ambush that was seen on camera.

On July 3, surveillance footage from a shared Tampa parking lot belonging to a Hilton hotel and Holiday Inn was made public by TMZ. It showed a masked shooter approaching Jones’ car and shooting a semi-automatic rifle at close range.

Before he was killed, Jones was enjoying his 26th birthday. Lewis Fusco, his attorney, told News 4 Jax that on June 22, Jones threw a birthday party at an Airbnb in Tampa that the authorities had to close because of crowding, forcing the hosts to be evicted. Jones then made reservations at a Holiday Inn nearby. The incident happened in the wee hours of June 23.

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Jones shared on Instagram Stories a few hours before he passed away, noting that the party had to finish early because of police interference. According to the Tampa Police Department, the shooting occurred on June 23 at approximately 4:40 a.m. The scene was a parking lot near the intersection of McKinley Drive and Fowler Avenue. “What we have learned, and this is early in the investigation, two cars were shot at,” said public information officer Joneé Lewis. Charles Jones is the person who is said to have been shot this morning. The Medical Examiner’s Office must certify positive identification before further action can be taken.

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In the span of four years, Jones has been the target of four gunshot incidents. This one was the fourth. The prior incident occurred on October 7, 2023, when bullets were fired into his black Dodge Challenger. Although Jones was hospitalized after suffering serious injuries, it is said that he refused to cooperate with the authorities. Soon after that happened, a horrific picture of a bloody hole in his foot went viral on the internet.