Another sex trafficking complaint has been filed against Diddy, this time by a former porn star who claims she was coerced into having sex with guests at his gatherings.

According to Adria English, if she didn’t cooperate, Combs threatened to blackball her and her boyfriend, a model.

Former adult film star Adria English claims in the most recent lawsuit against notorious music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs that after hiring her as a “go-go dancer,” he “demanded” that she have sex with attendees at Combs’ infamous White Parties in the Hamptons.

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In her lawsuit, Adria English, who goes by the stage name Omunique, claims to have met Diddy in 2004 while her boyfriend was trying out for a modeling job with Combs’ Sean John brand. English asserts right away that in order for her boyfriend and another model to get hired, they were asked to have oral sex with Diddy. After initially declining, her boyfriend received an offer from another Diddy associate—but only if he guaranteed Adria would perform as a “go-go dancer” at the singer’s impending Hamptons White Party.

English consented with her partner, and she performed as a dancer during the 2004 Labor Day weekend party; photos of her from the event are included in the case to verify her attendance. She went on to perform as a dancer at more of Diddy’s events, where she claims she was required to consume wine that was spiked with drugs “like ecstasy” on a “regular” basis and was urged to make out with partygoers.

English asserts that after dancing at multiple events, Diddy “groomed” her into engaging in sex trafficking and eventually forced her to have vaginal sex with Jacob Arabov, also named as a defendant in the lawsuit but better known in hip-hop as Jacob the Jeweler. In the case, it is claimed that English engaged in “forced sexual intercourse” with him and was compensated $1000 more than she would have otherwise received for dancing at Diddy’s parties.

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Adria then says that at Diddy’s events, she was “passed off” to other guests. She also names Tamiko Thomas as a defendant in her case, alleging that she helped Combs with his sex trafficking enterprise. She compares Thomas to Ghislaine Maxwell, Diddy’s Jeffrey Epstein.

Notable in the document is the claim that English was given a black dress to wear to the parties instead of the white outfits she had previously worn, which other guests were donning in keeping with the party’s theme, after she was coerced into having sex with them.

According to information and belief, English feels she was made to wear a black dress to the White House in order to indicate that she was working there as an employee—but more sinisterly, that she was a sex worker who was trafficked.

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Additionally, the lawsuit claims that Diddy pledged to assist English further her career, even offering to help her join a girl group so she could start working in the music industry. However, in order for her to keep her word, she was threatened with “forceful demands” and exclusion from the profession together with her partner.

“No matter how many lawsuits are filed, it won’t change the fact that Mr. Combs has never sexually assaulted or sex trafficked anyone,” Combs’ lawyer Jonathan Davis stated in a statement to the media. In our day and age, anyone can bring a lawsuit without providing any supporting evidence and for any cause. Thankfully, there is an objective and fair legal system in place to determine the truth, and Mr. Combs is certain that he will win the case against these and other unfounded allegations.

Combs, his businesses Bad Boy Entertainment, Sean John Clothing, and Combs Global Enterprises, Tamiko Thomas, Jacob the Jeweler, Vibe Magazine, Penske Media (the parent company of Billboard), and a few dozen other unidentified staff members and individuals are named as co-defendants in English’s lawsuit.