The Foolio tale continues. The rapper was fatally shot on June 23 in Tampa, Florida.

Typically, the rap community will mourn whoever has died, but the turmoil surrounding Foolio has drowned out the grieving. Since the shooting, the rapper’s nemesis, Yungeen Ace, has released two diss tunes. Even more bizarrely, Foolio’s Instagram account remains operational. The account has posted videos and even made a few comments on Yungeen Ace’s disses. The account was silent throughout the weekend before returning with a vengeance on July 2.

On this day, a photograph of the rapper’s accused killer leaked online. The shot was fuzzy, as shared by the account Riemoh, yet Foolio responded anyway. “Demi God,” the account wrote, adding a purple demon emoji. It may appear confusing out of context, yet Foolio used this term while he was alive. During a No Jumper interview in 2024, the rapper promised the interviewer that he will never die. “I ain’t going nowhere,” he said. “I am a demigod.” You cannot get me.” Foolio then shared the interview on Instagram with the description, “I’ll Never Die, I’m a DemiGod.”

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The “Demi God” message also reveals that someone or some group has maintained control of the rapper’s social media accounts. Some fans believe the cops have taken control of the account in an attempt to find the rapper’s killer. There are many who believe Foolio’s mother is commenting from his account, however this does not explain the strange, cryptic nature of the comments/posts.

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Foolio’s mother made a public statement following the rapper’s death. It was direct and sincere. She also declared plans to make a documentary about Foolio’s life. “The story that only I can tell because I know the Truths from the Fakes,” she put into words. “I think [I’m] the ONLY mother that [keeps] it Real while MOST others know [damn] well what was going on. with their OWN sons.” Foolio’s mother is not afraid to speak her thoughts, therefore it comes to reason that she would reveal she was the one posting under her son’s name. Hopefully, the genuine identity of the Instagram user will soon be exposed.