Eddie Murphy claims that he gave up on his well-known laugh when comedians and fans started imitating his guffaw at the height of his popularity.

The iconic comedian recently spoke with CBR, saying that the public was “making too much of” his laugh and that he was “forced” to cease using it. Murphy claims that his laugh, which became well-known due to his role in the first Beverly Hills Cop movie, was genuine and wasn’t staged for laughs.

When asked about his well-known laugh, the New Yorker responded, “Not Axel’s laugh, it was my laugh.” “I laughed at that.”

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Murphy claims that impressionists would soon start focusing on his distinctive cackle, though, and the craze would eventually take on a life of its own. “I didn’t want to be known for a laugh in the ’80s,” he remarked. “I observed that certain individuals would perform an impression of me, and when someone did so, all they did was laugh.”

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The 63-year-old started to modify his laugh in an effort to lessen the attention it received, a method he claims has worked and is still effective today. It made me think, “You know what? Murphy said, “I’m going to stop laughing [like that].” “I really fought myself to stop laughing [that way], since it’s not how I normally laugh. You chuckle and resolve to control your laughter. And I no longer laugh in that way now.

Eddie Murphy is getting ready to play the renowned Beverly Hills Cop series character Axel Foley again in the upcoming movie Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. Director Mark Molloy is behind the camera for Axel F, the fourth episode in the series, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kevin Bacon.