China plans to develop more than 50 national and industrial standards for artificial intelligence (AI) by 2026, as well as a standard system to guide the sector’s high-quality development, according to guidelines released jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and three other government agencies.

The guidelines outlined seven main areas for creating the country’s AI standard system, including standards for essential technology, intelligent products and services, and industrial applications.

According to the guidelines, developing AI standards can assist boost technological progress, corporate development, and industrial upgrading, allowing for greater leveraging of AI to enable modern industrialization.

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In recent years, China’s AI industry has made strides in technology innovation, product development, industrial applications, and other areas. The sector has introduced new features as a result of the rapid development of new technologies such as huge models.

China presently has over 4,500 AI businesses. According to government figures, China’s core AI business will be worth more than 578 billion yuan (approximately 81 billion US dollars) in 2023, rising 13.9% year on year.

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In this year’s government work report, China announced the AI Plus project, a strategic move aimed at propelling the digital economy’s expansion while also spearheading the transformation and modernization of manufacturing sectors.