The CNN-produced discussion between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump drew 47.9 million total viewers on television, according to Nielsen quick national data from the audience measurement company.

The debate was also broadcast live on CNN’s digital platforms including YouTube, with over 30 million starts.

CNN allowed other channels to broadcast the debate. CNN’s networks attracted 9.04 million viewers. CNN received 11.4 million viewers across and CNN Max.

During the debate, Fox News Channel had an average of 8.8 million viewers, including 3.5 million on Fox Broadcast Network and 372,000 on Fox Business Network.

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8.7 million people tuned in to see the discussion on ABC.

NBC garnered 5.2 million people, followed by 3.9 million on MSNBC and 4.8 million on CBS.

The debate was the most watched nonsports program of the year so far among persons aged two and above, as well as those aged 25 to 54.

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There were commercial breaks during the argument. Among adults 25 to 54 12.6 million people watched. 4.92 million young adults tuned in.

CNN described the debate as the highest-rated program in its history and the largest livestreamed event in its history, with 2.3 million concurrent live viewers at 9:47 p.m. ET.

CNN reported that it was also their busiest day on Max.