The man who was granted free after being accused with Tupac Shakur’s murder at the age of 27 is now claiming that the food he was consuming in jail caused his cancer to return.

Duane “Keefe D’ Davis” went to court on Tuesday (June 25) and claimed that the 60-year-old Compton Street Legend author is still battling cancer.

“I’ve got cancer. “I’ve been in jail eating processed food,” Davis explained. “I had colon cancer…they serve processed food and no fruit, it’s terrible.” Fake potatoes. Fake milk. Fake everything. It’s not good for a former cancer patient. “I got it again.”

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He went on to discuss his lack of proper medical care, stating, “They took me to the hospital on May 5.” He entered my cell and said, ‘Hurry up and get ready, you need emergency surgery.’ They directed me to my cancer doctor, and when I saw him on May 8, he said, ‘I’ll get you a colonoscopy in a week, a CT scan in two weeks, and a CT scan in three weeks. They didn’t come here to do nothing. I am in a life-threatening predicament, and I will go to any length to save myself.”

Keefe’s attorneys said in a plea for bail filed last year following his arrest for 2Pac’s 1996 murder in September that “he is not getting his bi-monthly oncologist check-ups. Furthermore, his heart condition has deteriorated. He was put back on a series of drugs in an attempt to get things under control. He must take these medications in jail since he is unable to do the things required to maintain his health. His food in jail is appalling. He is served highly processed, sodium-rich meals that scarcely pass as food.”

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Keefe D was released last week on a $750K secured bond, with the Tupac murder trial expected to commence later this year.