Kendrick Lamar was a major fan of XXXTENTACION’s music before the latter’s terrible death, which his family will not soon forget.

Furthermore, the Florida rapper’s father shared a video thanking the Compton lyricist for his son’s professional support, notably mentioning the 2017 project 17. Of course, considering X’s history of domestic abuse and similar, though unverified, charges against K.Dot, this connection takes on a darker tone. However, it does not affect the late MC’s family’s appreciation for the former TDE member, nor does it justify prior behaviors or preclude accountability, development, learning, or healing.

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“Special big-up, shoutout goes to Kendrick Lamar,” XXXTENTACION’s father began his letter. “Yes, powerful king, powerful, powerful. I’m Dwayne Onfroy, the father of rapper XXXTENTACION. First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for providing a platform for my son when he was still an undiscovered musician. On his debut single. You gave him a shoutout when his record came out. You stepped up for him when many others did nothing. And Spotify put him under strain; he wasn’t even attempting to play tunes. Real king. I will always respect you for that. California was my home, and I still adore it. Do you understand? Kendrick Lamar salutes repeatedly. True yute. “Much respect, brother.”

Furthermore, the mention of Spotify calls to mind one of Kendrick Lamar’s controversial reported actions with XXXTENTACION. The streaming service threatened to ban X, R. Kelly, and others’ songs due to their illegal behavior, which Kendrick’s company opposed because it would be unjust to put Black musicians to this regulation while not white counterparts. Nonetheless, many interpreted it as a direct support of X’s behavior, despite the fact that the true tale is more nuanced and does not originate with Mr. Morale. It’s still a contentious issue, and it came up during his feud with Drake.

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Speaking about the Toronto superstar, his relationship with XXXTENTACION is very different from Kendrick Lamar’s. They had some purported beef that included direct shots and accusations from X, and Drake was even accused of playing a role in his death. These claims were soon refuted by both a court of law and X’s close friends and family. His legacy is difficult, but Kendrick was one among few who saw the good in him, despite the justified response such empathy elicited.