YouTube collaborates with the US State Department to promote global peace, including ambassadors Chuck D, Lainey Wilson, Kane Brown, Jelly Roll, and others.

YouTube announced a collaboration with the US State Department to promote international peace, with US Global Music Ambassadors Chuck D, Herbie Hancock, Armani White, Breland, Denyce Graves, Grace Bowers, Jelly Roll, Justin Tranter, Kane Brown, Lainey Wilson, and Teddy Swims.

The partnership is part of the State Department’s Global Music Diplomacy Initiative, a global initiative to elevate music as a diplomatic tool for promoting peace and democracy. The effort grew out of the Jazz Ambassadors program, which was started during the height of the Cold War and sent ambassadors such as Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, and Sarah Vaughn throughout the world to foster peace.

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“I am so honored to participate in this program as a US Global Music Ambassador for the launch of the Global Music Diplomacy Partnership,” according to Lainey Wilson. “The power of art and storytelling is incredibly important and I’m grateful to have opportunities to tour and connect with people over songs and music around the world.”
“Bridging cultural divides and inspiring positive change has been part of my life’s work and it is a responsibility I don’t take lightly,” replied Chuck D. “Being a worldwide music ambassador allows me to use my voice and music to encourage others. New generations of people from other areas are leading, activating, and joining to create a better world through music, which is the universal language.”

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The initial launch of the Global Music Diplomacy Initiative will see YouTube and its ambassadors focus on four critical areas:

Micro-Grants for Social Impact – Investments to help US exchange graduates across the world use music to create positive change in their communities, increasing access to education, economic opportunity, and social inclusion.

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English Language Learning Through Music — Assisting the State Department in its attempts to use music programming as an English language learning tool, which will open up new opportunities around the world.

Supporting the Creative Economy – Beginning in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, and India, we will connect audiences and aspiring creators in-country to increase opportunity and equity in the creative economy.

Leveraging Global Events – Using significant international events, such as the G20 meetings in Brazil, to motivate action centered on the unifying power of music.

This new cooperation, which has its roots in the Cold War-era Jazz Ambassadors program, was facilitated by the bipartisan PEACE Through Music Diplomacy Act of 2022, which allows the State Department to collaborate with the private sector to design and implement music-related exchange programs.