The Rolling Stones are entering the metaverse through “Beat Galaxy,” Universal Music Group’s (UMG) immersive music hub in the virtual game platform Roblox. This comes after 60 years of playing live rock ‘n’ roll shows all over the world.

The launch builds on a digital trend that has been sparked by big record labels and the virtual experiences they create for Cher, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Nicki Minaj, and other famous artists they work with.

Beat Galaxy was made in December 2023 by UMG and Supersocial, a company that makes virtual Roblox experiences for brands like Walmart, Gucci, and e.l.f. Beauty. Its goal is to become a “virtual epicenter” for a number of UMG labels and artist connections.

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UMG says that Beat Galaxy’s immersive experiences, which are always changing, have brought in more than 500,000 new visitors, 1.2 million lifetime visits, and 84 million impressions from immersive ads.

The Rolling Stones’ takeover includes a track-runner game like Guitar Hero that uses the band’s well-known hits. During the experience, players can fight for prizes and get exclusive virtual Stones gear. They can also check out a virtual club and social hub.

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It’s like Cher’s Christmas launch on Roblox in Warner Music Group’s Harmony Hills world. The Rolling Stones’ Beat Galaxy takeover is an attempt to bring together the band’s older and younger fans. Roblox has 72 million daily active users, and most of them are younger than 18 years old. This has made the platform a great place for brands to spend.