Paris Hilton is advocating for children who lack a voice, appearing before Congress on behalf of youngsters in the welfare system and highlighting her own achievements in the field.

The socialite-turned-mogul appeared on Capitol Hill Wednesday to testify against child abuse in the system, citing personal experiences, before delving into how she plans to address the concerns.

Check out the clip… Hilton states that she helped prohibit numerous severe punishment tactics, including as restraint and seclusion, and that she has advocated for greater site visits to hold foster parents accountable.

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However, Paris expresses hope at the federal level, stating that she wants Congress to continue Title IV-B, a federal fund for state child welfare programs, as well as pass the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act.


#ParisHilton testified before #Congress on behalf of children in the welfare system. She outlines the work she’s already done — and what’s yet to come.

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The bill was filed more than a year ago and has yet to be passed by the House or Senate. It would create a more centralized system for tracking and administering youth placement.

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Of course, that’s only a portion of Paris’ evidence, as she once again outlined the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse she claims she suffered while at a youth residential treatment center.

Paris has previously accused Utah’s Provo Canyon School of being more like an obedience camp, claiming that pupils were locked up for 20 hours at a stretch and were frequently demeaned by the personnel.

While not a child welfare residence, Paris says she sees a connection between her suffering and what she believes many children in the system face.

Paris has previously spoken with lawmakers for this cause; in 2022, she visited the White House and spoke with senators from both parties.