As Diddy fights additional lawsuits and charges, the billionaire has decided to remove all of his Instagram posts, including his apologies to Cassie.

Sean Combs deleted all of his Instagram photos and videos during the week of June 16, with no press release or statement issued prior to his decision. It is currently unclear what motivated Combs’ decision to delete his Instagram. However, his posts on X/Twitter, notably his December 2023 message saying “Enough is enough,” have not been deleted. Diddy’s Instagram deletion comes just a few days after the Bad Boy CEO was accused of punching Cassie Ventura over an alleged relationship with Kid Cudi.

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During an interview with VladTV, Combs’ former security, Roger Bonds, described one instance in which Puffy searched through Ventura’s phone and discovered her messaging Cudder.

Bonds claimed that Diddy became upset at the prospect of the two being intimate with each other and went to Cudi’s house to confront him. The Man on the Moon artist was not at home at the time, so Diddy vented his rage on someone else. He then approached one of his former staffers, Capricorn, whom Combs felt was aware of Ventura’s relationship with Kid Cudi, and allegedly assaulted her.

“At that particular time, after that happened, Cassie wouldn’t come around and then, all of a sudden, Cassie came around and Diddy was upset,” says Bonds. “He put his hands on Capricorn because of the scenario. Capricorn eventually left and sued him over it. He gave Capricorn $450,000 to keep her mouth shut.

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CNN obtained footage in May showing Diddy forcefully beating Cassie at a hotel in 2016. Months before the tape was released, Combs “completely denied and rejected” all of the allegations leveled against him, including those made by his ex. However, the tape revealed a darker, far different story, with the billionaire losing his patience with Cassie, slamming her to the ground, and tossing home items at her.

Following the release of the surveillance tape, Diddy apologized to Cassie, saying, “I take full responsibility for my actions in that video; I was disgusted at the time.” I am disgusted now. I went and sought expert help. I got into going to therapy and rehab. I had to beseech God for pardon and grace.”

Ventura’s legal attorney, Meredith Firetog, criticized Combs’ new apology as “disingenuous,” claiming it was more about him than the individuals he had wounded.When Cassie and several other women came out, he denied everything and claimed that his victims were looking for money. That he was only forced to ‘apologize’ after his repeated denials were proven false demonstrates his pitiful desperation, and no one will be persuaded by his deceptive remarks.”

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