The rookie cop who arrested Justin Timberlake for DWI is enjoying the summer in the Hamptons and appears unconcerned about his newfound stardom.

Michael Arkinson, the Sag Harbor police officer who stopped Justin and transported him to jail, spent his Sunday Funday on a boat about an hour north of where he arrested JT. If you didn’t know, he and his partner, Otis, are listed as the arresting policemen on the police report… but Mike is credited with bringing Justin in for detention.

Anyway, check out these photos/videos obtained by TMZ of a sometimes-shirtless Arkinson relaxing in a power boat docked at a restaurant in Greenport, NY over the weekend.

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People who were there tell us Arkinson was eating and drinking at Claudio’s Waterfront… and keeping a low profile in the aftermath of his huge bust, though it doesn’t appear that he was trying to hide here. Dude is simply enjoying his life, unaffected by all of the attention he received following Justin’s arrest last week.

Arkinson, we’re told, was with a group of friends, and they spent a couple hours at the seafood restaurant before returning to their boat.

The person is already well-known in Sag Harbor. Locals have informed media outlets that he’s a bit of a traffic cop, and now he’s even more in the spotlight — a local celebrity, if you will.

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Based on what we see here, Arkinson isn’t too shy… and it appears that he understands how to have a good time on Long Island, despite the fact that his name has been thrown around in the media over the last week.

Don’t expect to see Arkinson’s body camera footage of his conversation with Justin anytime soon, though; as we previously reported, Sag Harbor PD will not release the footage… at least not until their investigation is completed.

Meanwhile, Justin is continuing his globe tour, while Arkinson is making the most of his boating pals.

You can image the conversations he’s been having lately; something tells us they all begin with the same query, concerning the same suspect.