Howard Stern has weighed in on the “Hawk Tuah” girl — and, shockingly, he’s kind of clutching his pearls on behalf of fathers everywhere.

The famed radio talk show host, who rose to prominence as a shock jock, discussed the viral sensation — a young woman whose video of performing fellatio has garnered worldwide attention — and he comes across as a concerned parent.

Check it out. HS says the appeal of this girl, who has been identified as Hailey Welch, is that she is so unrestrained… but then he explains why she is every father’s nightmare.

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As a father of three daughters, Howard says this is the last thing he wants to hear about his child: an NSFW depiction of sex practices. Howard isn’t genuinely offended here; he’s just joking, but it’s amusing to hear him say this (slightly appalled).

Hailey has since capitalized on her internet popularity. The Nashville resident is currently selling official “Hawk Tuah” merchandise in collaboration with Fathead Threads. They’ve collaborated on a lot of hats with every caption and word imaginable.

Fans have had varied feelings about Hailey’s new business venture on social media, with some complimenting her for capitalizing on her 15 minutes of fame, while others, like Howard, found her stint in the spotlight unpleasant.

To each their own… but it appears she’s cleaning up her profile to ride the wave.