Ben Affleck lost his temper with the paparazzi last weekend — and for good reason: they were flashing the snot out of him with their cameras, which he correctly noticed was dangerous.

The actor was photographed leaving his and Jennifer Lopez’s marital home in Beverly Hills on Sunday night, when a bunch of paparazzi were waiting at the bottom of a hill for him as he exited single… and when they saw his car going down the driveway, they clicked away.

You can see a series of white flashes as Ben tries to safely return to the main road, but he comes to a halt… and then gets out of the vehicle to express himself.

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Keep an eye out… Ben beelines it for one pap in particular, who was right by where he first exited, and goes off on him, criticizing him for practically blinding him while driving… which, as he points out, can lead to him losing control and possibly harming himself.

Ben gets right in the guy’s face and warns him not to do that — it appears like the dude is attempting to defend himself and/or explain his conduct, but BA is having none of it and walks away.

Before getting back into his car, he speaks with the other photographers present, reinforcing his argument about how dangerous the situation is — and also informing them that his daughter is on her way down the hill, and that they will endanger her if they fire away with their cameras.

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The paparazzi say they understand what he means, and it appears they heard his warning… before Ben walks out of there, looking upset and aggravated — rightfully so.

BTW, despite the fact that he was at the marital home, J Lo was not there; she is in Paris after spending time with friends in Italy the previous week.

As we previously stated, Ben and Jen are still living apart; he has a rental in Brentwood, and while Jen has come and gone from his house during family functions, it does not appear that she has ever spent the night.

Of course, we know they’re attempting to surreptitiously sell their large estate, just a year after purchasing it for $60 million. We’re hearing they’re seeking to sell the property for $65 million.

On the surface, this appears to be a symptom of difficulties in their marriage… Ben and Jennifer Lopez have been married for several years.