The Game has no issues with Dot.

The Game is a legendary West Coast rapper. He was Compton’s biggest star in the 2000s and acted as a mentor to the talents who followed after him. He also missed the largest Los Angeles show in recent memory. Kendrick Lamar’s “Pop Out” event on Juneteenth sold out, and fans were quick to point out that Game was one of the few CPT luminaries who received no mention or recognition. This prompted many to speculate that Lamar and Game were on the outs. The latter decided to take to Instagram Live the day after the concert to clarify the air.

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The Game made it plain that he enjoyed the “Pop Out” show. “Kendrick did his sht, and what he did last night was amazing for the West Coast,” he tweeted. “I sat back and observed it. I didn’t have to be there to think the muthafking sht was awesome. It’s a dub for the coastline.” He informed fans that he has no issues with Lamar or TDE as a label. The rapper stated that he was given the opportunity to invest in TDE when the company was first starting out. “[Anthony] Top Dawg [Tiffith] wanted to give me half of Top Dawg,” according to The Game. “I did not desire anything from ngas. I just wanted to move n**gas in the appropriate direction.”

The “Hate It or Love It” rapper stated that he does not live for gossip. Nonetheless, he was irritated by what he witnessed on social media during and after the “Pop Out.” “Stop speculating and doing all that goofy sht,” he told me. “Muthafkas in my DM, all these blog sites complaining about ‘the West Coast ain’t fking with you, and you ain’t this and that. I’m in my own lane, chilling. “Taking care of my children.” The Game also felt the need to emphasize his part in assisting people like Dot and Nipsey Hussle break into the mainstream. “That nga learned that sht on the way up,” he told me. “Snoop looked out for me like that, I looked out for Kendrick.”

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The rapper has evidence to back up his claim. Kendrick Lamar appeared on The Game’s 2011 song “The City,” and the two collaborated again on 2015’s “On Me.” Lamar, meanwhile, devoted a lyric to The Game on his 2012 single “Black Boy Fly.” The song, which features Game’s true name, Jayceon Taylor, describes Lamar’s jealousy when the former published his great debut, The Documentary. The two rappers have always respected one other, even if they have not always been friendly.