The Elon Musk co-founded company has come under fire from a woman who claims to have become stuck in her electric Tesla and accused it of not providing enough driver education.

An Arizona citizen spoke with On Your Side on Wednesday, June 19, and described how she ended up stuck inside her automobile.

The woman, identified as Diane, started off by describing how she had owned a Tesla Model Y for around three years without ever having to file a complaint.

She even gave the outlet her word that driving the car is enjoyable.

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However, the misfortune occurred last month when she attempted to go for a regular trip and discovered that she was unable to unlock the doors of the electric car.

The driver from Valley stated, “It was fully charged.” “After unplugging the vehicle and entering, I closed the door and everything abruptly stopped working. I was stuck since I was unable to unlock the doors or open the windows.

Diane attempted to consult her Tesla owner’s manual to determine how to escape the vehicle after realizing she couldn’t get out.

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Her attempts to enter the glovebox and retrieve the handbook, however, were unsuccessful.

The woman then called a friend for help, but when he arrived, he was also unable to help her exit the car.

Diane then used the official Tesla app to log in and make a request for emergency roadside assistance.

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Eventually, it is said, she received a text message from corporate staff informing her that she could get out of the car by using a “secret latch” on the inside of the door.

When it was all over, she protested, saying, “It [was] scary and very unnerving to say the least.”

Diane is said to have met with numerous Tesla owners in the weeks that followed the incident, who were also unaware that they could unlock their car doors in the event that the vehicle lost power.

She expressed her desire for the company to take additional action and to educate its drivers about this crucial safety element to On Your Side.

“But it seems like leaving the windows and doors open should be the standard when there’s a power outage,” she continued. “Do not lock. The logic ought to be the opposite. that I find incomprehensible.

It’s interesting to note that Diane is not the only Tesla owner who has recently become stranded in her vehicle.

Brianna Janel got stuck inside her car last month while she was parked in a Chick-fil-A lot.

In a TikTok video, she stated that she was trying to upgrade the system in her car and estimated it would take around twenty-four minutes to finish.

She was allegedly had to sit inside the car in 103 degree heat for forty minutes, though.

Though Janel knew how to use the manual door release, unlike Diane, she opted to wait it out in the sweltering California heat in case she broke her automobile.