Environmental activists targeted several planes at the airstrip where Taylor Swift had arrived, putting her private jet in the line of fire. However, they missed their aim.

A British environmental activist organization called Just Stop Oil, which is concerned with climate change caused by humans, claimed responsibility for the vandalism on Thursday and made it clear that they were targeting Taylor’s private aircraft in particular.

According to the organization, demonstrators Cole Macdonald and Jennifer Kowalski invaded the private airstrip at Stansted airport at around five in the morning and used modified fire extinguishers to spray paint on pajamas.

Proud of their tag job, the two girls who pulled it off posed for photographs in front of the destroyed jets.

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By the way, Just Stop Oil eventually acknowledged that they didn’t actually hit Taylor’s jet; instead, they obtained two jets that weren’t hers. Nevertheless, their intentions were evident, as shown by the caption JSO put on the photo of this and by the allusion to Taylor songs in their own headline.

The demonstrators were reported to Essex police for allegedly causing criminal damage and interfering with the usage or functioning of national infrastructure. The police verified that the women had been arrested.

By 2030, the British government is supposed to cease extracting and burning coal, oil, and gas, according to Just Stop Oil.

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“We’re living in two worlds: one where billionaires live in luxury and can travel in private jets away from the others, and another where countless millions are forced to live in unlivable conditions,” Macdonald continued.

Last autumn, Taylor became the official billionaire. Her “Eras” tour was a big contributing reason to her three-comma club membership.

However, Taylor has continuously come under fire for using her private plane so frequently and for having such a large carbon footprint online. She has been the target of constant criticism for many years.

Flying on a private jet can emit up to 14 times as much carbon dioxide as a commercial trip, according to Just Stop Oil.

Earlier this week, Just Stop Oil also attacked the famous Stonehenge in the UK. Like with the jet incident, two demonstrators used orange paint powder to mark Stonehenge, and they were also taken into custody.

Their basic stance is unambiguous: they detest CO2 polluters and view TS as one of them.