Dana White is criticizing cancel culture, claiming that it prevents individuals from expressing their actual selves in public — and he’s using a strange metaphor to illustrate his argument… gay people.

The UFC CEO sat down with Shannon Sharpe for an episode of his “Club Shay Shay” podcast… and they got into people being “canceled,” something White says doesn’t bother him at all.

Watch the video… Dana claims that he only cares about the opinions of a tiny number of people: his family and loved ones, and that everything else is just white noise. He then makes a comparison that some people find strange… but others find to be true.

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He parallels cancel culture today with being gay in the 1980s. He tells out that LGBT persons who came out during that time often had their lives destroyed, making them unable to be themselves.

White says forget it; he’s not interested in pretending for anyone… adding that whether people accept him for who he is or not, he doesn’t care.

It’s a stretch, but it clearly captures Dana’s feelings — as he emphasizes how little he cares about public opinion when discussing the drunken altercation with his wife.

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Remember, Dana and his wife got into a drunken argument in a nightclub on New Year’s Eve 2022, which another clubgoer captured on film. He later apologized for the event, claiming there was no justification for his actions.

Dana claims he didn’t need to deal with the issue publicly, but rather privately with his wife and children, emphasizing that he is only concerned with how his small inner circle perceives him.

FWIW, all of this is consistent with what White told us when discussing the incident in its immediate aftermath — thus his perspective hasn’t changed one iota.