If Steve-O is called d**kface after getting his first face tattoo, it’s because Post Malone drew a penis on his coffee mug.

As he gets ready to go on his cross-country comedy tour, the “Jackass” actor enlisted Posty for his first facial tattoo.

Watch the video… Post draws a large penis and balls over Steve-O’s right eyebrow, clearly in pain. No pain, no gain, hey?

A day after turning 50, Steve-O received a facial tattoo last Friday night, with Post performing the honors backstage at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

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Steve:It took a while for O to get his penis inked; he reportedly wanted Post to draw the phallus for the last “Jackass” film, but Johnny Knoxville blocked the idea since the movie already had too many dicks.

When Post participated in an episode of Steve-O’s podcast “Wild Ride,” the two got to know one another in 2021.

Furthermore, Posty has inked Steve-O twice already; the first time was in Utah a few years ago.

Given that Steve-O has stated that he will frequently violate boundaries while on his next comedy tour, the penis tattoo seems like a perfect place to start for that trend.