Throughout April and May, Drake and Kendrick Lamar fought a fierce war. Some people still want to see this go on even if it appears like the conflict is over for now.

In general, the people that have the biggest chips on their shoulders are the Drake supporters. Kendrick laureated with a decisive victory with hits including “Not Like Us” and “Meet The Grahams.” Fans of Drizzy, however, believe that he prevailed in at least one area. Following allegations made by the megastar’s supporters regarding Kendrick’s connection with Whitney Alford on “Family Matters,” there has been heightened interest in the family life of the “Mr. Morale” rapper.

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For example, Father’s Day was yesterday. On Father’s Day, a lot of artists got compliments from their children. In addition, a lot of women made sure to honor the men who supported them in raising their kids. But Whitney Alford didn’t post about Kendrick on Sunday, as DJ Akademiks noted on his other Instagram account. Drake fans are now using this as evidence that perhaps Drizzy is winning the beef, even though it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

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“Everything stated by Drake was true. One individual wrote, “Everything Kendrick said was CAP.” “Kenny was obviously projecting…Another person remarked, “Everything he said to Drake… applies to him.” All in all, it appears like some fans are drawing conclusions too quickly. Whitney Alford and Kendrick Lamar have never disclosed their connection to the public. In addition, a large number of people opt not to use social media in their daily life. Drake has adopted a different strategy in his life, which has probably influenced the way his supporters think. You’ll probably have to wait a very long time to find out the ins and outs of Lamar and Alford’s relationship.