When the pilot of a plane that was shaking severely encouraged his passengers to “pray” for their survival, he made them fearful.

In 2017, a flight operated by AirAsia X carried 359 passengers from Perth, Western Australia, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The first ninety minutes of the trip went without a hitch.

On the Airbus 330, though, passengers reportedly heard a “huge bang” out of nowhere, according to multiple publications.

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Over the Indian Ocean, the plane started to shake severely after the unexplained noise.

According to reports, the passengers experienced a sensation similar to being inside a “washing machine.” The airplane was compelled to return to Perth after two hours of uncontrollably shaking.

After the experience, a number of passengers reported that they felt like they “might die” aboard the shaking airplane and shared footage of the incident on social media.

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A film posted on Instagram by user @maesaya showed the AirAsia X pilot saying, “Please pay attention and please listen to everything.”

He went on, “Our survival depends on your cooperation,” and he asked the passengers to offer two prayers for protection.

“I pray that everyone says a prayer; I will pray as well. Let’s hope that everyone returns home safely.”

CNN spoke with a vacationer named Tim after the jet made its second landing in Australia, and he stated that several of the passengers had been “crying” throughout the “technical issue.”

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“A lot of people crying, a lot of people getting out their life jackets—basically getting ready,” he remarked. We believed there was a strong possibility we might sink.

The site reported that the pilot stated that because flight D7237 had experienced a single-engine failure, the return trip to Perth Airport would be “slower.”

The crew of the AirAsia X flight received a round of applause upon successfully returning to Australia at 10 am. One man commented, “The captain did a very good job, he was reassuring and then we landed safely.”

As a precaution, Fire and Emergency Services had been sent to meet the jet, an airport official stated after the event, although there was no sign that anyone had been injured.

In addition, AirAsia issued a statement stating that ground personnel were taking care of every passenger and that all support required was being given.

It went on, “The safety of our guests is our utmost priority,” and then announced that flyers would be redirected.

Following the terrifying video of the incident that was uploaded to YouTube in 2017, many voiced their opinions in the video’s comments area.

“You know it’s a bad issue if the pilot asks passengers to pray,” one person commented.

“Our survival depends on your cooperation,” a pilot said, “is about as reassuring as a firefighter handing me a bucket of water in a burning house.” replied the second. I’m simply sitting in this death trap trying not to s**t myself; you were trained for this.

Another person typed, “You better pray when the captain asks you to.”