A frightening circumstance in Columbus, Georgia, devolved into accusations and family strife.

Another family member responded to a diss track that an 18-year-old missing person released, which was directed at his grandma.

Tyron Giles, a 15-year-old, was last seen in the Oakland Park neighborhood, but his grandmother wasn’t sure where he was. The Columbus Police Department launched a search for the young adolescent after she reported Giles missing. He was relieved to be located, but he wasn’t pleased with the flurry of activity surrounding his whereabouts.

“I’ve just been relaxing and living this h** cappin’ life; let me know if I’m missing anything.” Oh my god, this little hoe trippin’ is wild. Say to my father, “I’m not missing, I’m just standing here bending,” and “You talking about you going to get me?” Let me come through with those switches, don’t forget about your grandchild, lil’ h**, you just trippin’,” he rapped.

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That’s not the only source of information. “Oh my God, h, why have you lied to the entire internet?/ Talking about me, saying, “I’m just living my life; I don’t want to go back home to granny because she knows what’s coming up. She keeps talking, and I shoot bullets right through her chest. Fk granny, I’m going to keep talking about this. Fk granny, I’m going to keep talking about this. Fk granny,” rapped Tyron Giles. Who knew that having someone care for you could be so detrimental?

One of his relatives voiced his disapproval of his behavior toward his grandmother because his family did not like it. They explained how his life would have been far better if he had to live with his absent mother or his father, who only occasionally gives financial support, than it would have been under his grandmother’s primary custody of him and his three siblings.

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“This young man has always been challenging, but since my mother’s stroke in August of 2022, he has really lost his mind,” the relative stated. “After Easter, he fled because my mother would not allow him to be an adult and host young females for sleepovers. He is surrounding himself with the wrong people and activities, which worries my mom about his safety, but he is more worried about gaining influence online by disgracing his grandmother.

They extended their evaluation of Tyron Giles to include his siblings and, presumably, all youths in this era. “It doesn’t matter how well these kids are raised or cared for, or whether their parents are present and actively involved,” they stated. “These kids are just out of order.” “They don’t really know what it is to be mature; they just want to be grown up and do what they want to do. Please ignore his antics; he’s simply out here pursuing clout. I never imagined that I would be having one of these discussions online, yet here we are.