Nowadays, kids establish a lot of the trends, so when a whole room of children catches up to what the adults are banging, these pop cultural moments gain even more prominence.

Ironically, this just happened to the Kendrick Lamar and Drake fight, as a video of a children’s party singing and dancing enthusiastically to “Not Like Us” recently went viral. Many people will undoubtedly point out that this is not an appropriate song for elementary school students to listen to, either because of the lyrical content or the blatantly malicious purpose. Regardless, there is little you can do to slow the spread of viral content.

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Of course, this has little influence on the battle’s public perception as a whole, and instead reflects the huge success that “Not Like Us” has had individually. Regarding Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s present predicament, we’re absolutely in a more retrospective and speculative phase right now, where all we can do is recap, analyze, conjecture, and try to paint a more thorough picture now that we’ve had some time to recover from the onslaught. For example, one purported tidbit we received from Compton artist JasonMartin was K.Dot’s reaction to Drizzy’s “Family Matters” insult, or rather the reaction he supposedly shared with Martin. As one could anticipate, it is rather contemptuous.

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Elsewhere, Drake’s latest social media movements criticizing Kendrick Lamar and other new music releases have fans following the post-beef fallout with intensity. Whether it’s using the “BBL Drizzy” rhythm with Sexyy Red, claiming the former TDE MC is a “one-trick pony,” or going full Toronto with “Wah Gwan Delilah,” folks have a lot to say about his new movement and Kendrick Lamar’s role in it. For both good and bad reasons, it appears that The Boy is suffering the consequences of what he wrote down.

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar will perform a concert with pals in Los Angeles next week, following his Compton College commencement speech. Nobody actually knows what’s going to happen, but stories about alumni are certainly rampant. But this show alone has many ecstatic because it might mark the end of one era or the beginning of another.