Johnny Canales, a Tejano TV veteran known for bringing Selena Quintanilla to mainstream audiences, has died.

The legendary broadcaster’s wife, Nora, revealed his death on social media Friday, thanking fans for their love and support in a heartfelt Facebook message. She did not go into detail about the events surrounding his death, but she did discuss his legacy.

Nora commented, “He was more than just a beloved husband, father, TV host, musician, and entertainer; he was a source of hope and joy for countless people.” His infectious charm and passion to promote Latino music and culture had a lasting impression on the world.”

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She went on to say, “Johnny’s spirit will continue to live on through the countless lives he touched and the legacy he built” — before asking followers to remember the joy he offered.

In addition to being a TV host, Johnny was also a musician, but he was best known for presenting “The Johnny Canales Show,” on which a 13-year-old Selena made one of her first live TV appearances in 1985.

His show showcased young talent from Mexico and the US, including La Sombra de Chicago, La Mafia, Mazz, Intocable, Grupo Pegasso De Emilio Reyna, Fama, Jaime y Los Chamacos, Jennifer Peña, and many more.

Fans have inundated Nora’s announcement with sorrow notes, applauding Johnny for his contributions to the Tejano music community. A fan stated: “He was our childhood and a staple in the industry and his legacy is unprecedented.” He was 77.