While prostheses are far more widespread than they were 20 years ago, they remain quite pricey.

The terrible reality is that the great majority of people either do not have access to or cannot afford them.

In some countries, like as the United States, health insurance frequently does not cover the cost of a basic prosthetic.

Ian Davis found himself in that scenario after having four of his five fingers removed in 2018.

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Davis is a mechanical engineer, thus he was able to design his own prosthetic hand that looks like something from The Terminator.

So, how did Davis get into this situation?

He was suffering from Multiple Myeloma, a type of cancer that causes bones to shrink and weaken.

After he shattered bones in his hand in a shopping accident, surgeons had to amputate the four fingers on his left hand.

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Davis believed his insurance company would pay for any prosthetic, but this was not the case.

The insurance company stated that because his palm was still working, it did not consider his fingers’medically required’.

Davis decided to sketch out some designs for the bionic hand while remaining in his hospital bed.

Davis’s bionic hand has undergone numerous modifications over the last six years, as detailed on his YouTube channel.

He can now completely use his bionic hand, which he impressively crafted from aluminum.

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When Davis moves his hands or wrist, a series of links transfer the movement to his fingers.

Chains on the fingers cause them to curl closed, then spring back open when the tension is released.

Just a few months ago, we learned that a guy whose hand was crushed by a meat grinder became the first to receive 3D-printed bionic fingers.

Mo Ali had to have four of his fingers severed as a toddler due to a horrible kitchen accident.

Mo received a high-tech prosthetic hand early this year, which has allowed him to regain significant dexterity.

The robotic hand, known as the ‘Hero Gauntlet’, was created as a prosthesis for persons who have had part of their hand amputated.

It was created by UK business Open Bionics and allows Mo to regain most of the dexterity he lost in the injury.