The former drug kingpin who is embroiled in a $1 billion lawsuit against 50 Cent for the hit TV series “Power” has the rapper’s lawyers on high alert after threatening to assassinate the rapper-turned-TV mogul.

Cory “Ghost” Holland alleges that “Power” closely resembles his life narrative, as detailed in a 2007 CD titled Blasphemy, which he claims he delivered to series co-creator Courtney Kemp’s father as a plea for a legal escape from the drug trade.

He insists that the characters and plots, particularly the protagonist, Ghost, are based on his own experiences, and he accuses the defendants of profiting from his life without his permission.

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The conflict took a dangerous turn, and tensions rose after Holland made a bold announcement in a letter to 50 Cent’s lawyers that has obtained.

“If a m########### gets killed because your m############ client threatens me and my family, file a m############ motion for that,” Holland stated, increasing tensions in this high-stakes dispute. “I ain’t playing with your m########### client no more, next time he or anyone he sends pull up, f### the litigation.”

“50 Cent plays games with people’s life; he humiliates them, visits their houses, and then plays the victim. He is continually involved in someone else’s mess. Plaintiff has cautioned 50 Cent that he isn’t an entertainer.

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50 Cent’s legal counsel voiced deep worry to Judge Analisa Torres over these dangerous proclamations.

“This language can only be understood as a threat of violence against Mr. Jackson and his counsel,” they told the judge. “We are also in the process of notifying the relevant local authorities.”

Nonetheless, Holland claims that in past occasions, 50 Cent sent “goons” to his home, compelling him to flee Michigan.

He describes a scary encounter at a gas station when alleged goons threatened him.

Holland claims that he had to transfer his mother for her safety owing to 50 Cent’s alleged harassment.

“Plaintiff had to get up and transfer [his mother] out of her state for fear that 50 Cent might attack her and me. Plaintiff tries [sic] to defend himself and deal with the continual pressure and terror that exists,” Holland wrote in a separate letter to the judge.

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Holland’s case has been dismissed as frivolous by 50 Cent’s attorneys, who emphasize that the characters in “Power” are imaginary.

They emphasized the untimeliness of Holland’s accusations and contended that blocking the series’ growth would violate their intellectual property rights.

Despite the harsh criticism from 50 Cent’s side, Holland emphasizes the significant emotional and financial harm he claims to have endured, including the alleged theft of his life story.

“This is about the actual theft of my life, and the damages that it has done as well as the profits that the defendants have made,” Holland asserts.

The lawsuit is still underway.