Judge Ural Glanville is summoning everyone who was present to investigate how the information got out.

Judge Ural Glanville plans to arrange a hearing to determine who informed Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, about the contentious ex parte meeting between himself, the prosecution, and witness Kenneth “Lil Woody” Copeland. On Tuesday, he said that in order to prove cause, everyone present during the conversation would have to demonstrate that they did not divulge the information or face contempt. The meeting will take place on June 25th.

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When Steel learned about the ex parte meeting, he grew enraged in court on Monday, requesting a mistrial and declaring it unlawful. Copeland had initially planned not to testify after agreeing to an amnesty bargain that included taking the stand. “You’re not supposed to have communication with a witness who’s been sworn,” Steel said. “… If that’s true what this is is coercion, witness intimidation, ex parte communications that we have a constitutional right to be present for.”

“I still want to know how you got this information,” Glanville lashed back. “Who told you?” He eventually chose to hold Steel in contempt of court, and sentenced him to ten weekends in jail. “You’re not allowed to extort the court. It doesn’t operate that way,” he explained. Steel also successfully demanded that if his appeal fails, he serve his jail time in the same cell as his client.

Thug’s trial began in November 2023 and has already become the longest-running case in Georgia history.