Nothing gets the blood pounding like a good criminal thriller.

Whether it’s True Detective, Fargo, or The Sopranos, few things equal to the thrill of watching a nail-biting drama from the edge of your seat.

Netflix fans discovered this recently with a’must watch’ criminal drama starring Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle.

The show has risen to the top of the charts in the United States, and is presently ranked second on the Netflix charts.

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Cranston stars in the criminal drama Your Honor, which follows a judge whose son is implicated in a hit-and-run.

This one incident forces both of their lives to become involved with one of the most violent crime families around.

With only two seasons and no more ones on the way, viewers are wondering what to watch next, and the top option is an unimaginable show.

According to Ranker, the most commonly recommended show is Kate Winslet’s Mare of Easttown.

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The program is a ‘riveting’ murder mystery thriller with Winslet playing against type as a disheveled detective whose own life is falling apart.

Mare of Easttown has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 95% and an IMDb rating of 8.4/10.

The show also stars Evan Peters, Angourie Rice, and Jean Smart.

Craig Zobel, who will direct the next installment of The Penguin series, also directed it.

Although it is not available on Netflix in the United Kingdom, it is an excellent follow-up to Your Honour.

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Not only are these thrilling criminal thrillers, but there are spoiler-ish tidbits that connect them in an extremely interesting way.

Mare of Easttown is a limited series, therefore there is only one season – however that season was universally loved.

Lucy Mangan’s five-star review for The Guardian described Winslet’s performance as a ‘triumph’.

They said: “Alongside an outstanding ensemble, the actor provides a defining performance in this superbly crafted HBO drama set in a dismal and destitute part of Pennsylvania.

“As the twists and turns of the cases are revealed, it becomes a show greater than the sum of its already considerable parts.”

The New Yorker agrees, ranking the concert as one of the finest of 2021.

They stated: “This gruesome, engrossing miniseries had some terrific performances, including by Kate Winslet as the titular police detective.”’s review may not have received a star rating, but it is clear that they agree: “The Brilliance is in the Details of HBO’s Riveting Mare of Easttown.”

It may be more difficult to find than simply sticking to Netflix, but if you like Your Honour, Mare of Easttown is well worth the effort for your next viewing.