Apple has unveiled a new feature in its latest iOS release, which has raised safety concerns among some customers.

The new feature is centered on how people pay for products and includes an additional capability for iPhone users.

Many individuals will be familiar with the embarrassment that comes with going out for a night or having a big supper, particularly at the end when the bill arrives.

It’s the end of the evening, and everyone is trying to figure out how to settle things.

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Eventually, one individual simply puts everything on their card and says everyone can pay it back.

Cue a long wait for money requests to be sent over and then ultimately responded to, as well as the inevitable stress when the query ‘hey, could you just send me something for the other night…?’ arises.

Apple’s latest feature promises to simplify this by allowing users to send money to each other by merely tapping their phones together to initiate the transfer.

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People in the United States frequently use applications like Venmo or Cash App to send money to one another, so the feature could come in handy.

However, it’s unclear how useful it will be in the rest of the world, where rapid internet bank transactions are more common.

However, if you live in the United States and are tired of utilizing applications to send money immediately, this could be useful.

According to Apple’s website, users may now use Apple Pay to pay in new ways, including redeeming incentives and accessing installments from approved credit or debit cards.

“With Tap to Cash, users can send and receive Apple Cash by simply holding two iPhone devices together.”

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To be clear, the feature is only available on Apple Cash devices, so you’ll need to set up an Apple Cash card to use it.

Given that Apple Cash is only available in the United States, this feature will only be available to customers there.

Everyone else will have to make do with instant transfers using their regular banking apps.

But there was one issue that troubled them, and they flocked to social media to express their opinions.

One added, “Scamming will be so simple in a few years,” while another laughed, “You’ll be bumping into everyone on the street from now on.”

Meanwhile, a third person noted, “New pickpocketing method just dropped.”

Another individual pointed out that the feature is only beneficial if you don’t already have instant bank transfers, commenting, “America will do everything except make decent mobile banking.”