In preparation for the release of his fourth studio album, ‘Hardstone Psycho,’ hip-hop soul musician Don Toliver delivers the Hardstone experience to Fortnite.

Don Toliver’s Hardstone in Fortnite promises a unique musical and gaming experience. Don wants to provide listeners the opportunity to actively engage with previously released tracks as well as “an unreleased record from the album” while immersing themselves in the realm that inspired it, Psycho Valley.

“I’ve been playing Fortnite for years, so this is a huge moment for me to bring my world into the game,” Don Toliver adds. “This is a next-level creative moment in my career and it’s crazy that my fans will actually get to experience Psycho Valley and music from my new album this way.”

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In Hardstone Biker Wars, players will form groups of eight to fight for control of Psycho Valley in a fierce turf war between two competing biker gangs, Hardstone and Wolves M.C. The game is a new spin on the fan-favorite Hardpoint mode, in which teams compete to capture important points around the map, each inspired by Don Toliver’s latest album.

Hardstone was produced and overseen by Atlantic Records’ Joseph Khoury (SVP, A&R and Marketing), Jordan Chalmers (VP, Custom Activations & Emerging Technology), and William Breslau (Director, Gaming Strategy & Partnerships), as well as Warner Music Group’s David Cushman (Sr. Director, Metaverse Development).

“We had a great time working with Don on introducing Hardstone to Fortnite. His passion for gaming shone through, and it was incredible to see him be so involved in the entire process. “Every inch of this game has his fingerprints on it,” says Joseph Khoury, SVP of A&R and Marketing. “We had the most collaborative partners in Metavision and 3D Lab who were in it with us every step of the way and helped bring Don’s vision to life.”

Hardstone was founded at Metavision, a studio and agency for immersive media platforms that specializes in strategy and execution for brands and intellectual property holders in virtual worlds. 3D Lab is a game creation studio that focuses on Fortnite and the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN).

“At Metavision, we’re focused on finding new ways to engage with audiences and tell stories in immersive media platforms, and it’s been fantastic to work with Don, Atlantic Records, and Warner Music Group who all share this same ethos,” stated Ashley Lewis, Managing Director of Metavision. “We believe this project will open the floodgates for how artists can interact with their audiences and engage with them on a deeper level.”

Hardstone is free to play and will be available on June 10 in Fortnite. Players may find the game by logging into Fortnite and searching for “Hardstone” on the main menu.