Cable TV businesses have recently been hit hard not only by a fall in TV subscribers, but also by a decrease in Internet clients.

But they might have found a way out—at least for now. According to a MoffettNathanson estimate, cable TV companies accounted for the majority of new net additions in the wireless industry in the first quarter of 2023.

This comes as cable TV companies have been leveraging low-cost cellphone contracts to lock users into more expensive TV and Internet packages. These cellphone plans resell access to networks such as Verizon. The huge catch is that if you want these super inexpensive cellular rates, you must also be a subscriber to another service they provide, such as Internet.

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T-Mobile, Verizon, and other carriers have recently reported significant growth in their wireless 5G Home Internet services. As a result, numerous cable television companies, including Comcast and Spectrum, have lost Internet subscribers. For a long time, many people saw the Internet as a way for these corporations to survive in a cord-cutting world. New competition has put this at risk.

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The initiatives appear to be working, as Comcast, Spectrum, and others have experienced significant growth in wireless subscribers. The question now is whether they can keep it up, and how long they can keep prices so low.