The trailer for “The Killer’s Game” is now available. Lionsgate’s picture, starring Dave Bautista and Terry Crews, appears to be a fantastic time that will soon visit theaters.

JJ Perry directed the action comedy, which is produced by Andrew Lazar, Steve Richards, and Kia Jam. Sofia Boutella, Scott Adkins, Pom Klementieff, and Ben Kingsley are among the cast members of “The Killer’s Game”.

Here is the official plot synopsis.

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In the new action-comedy The Killer’s Game, when top hitman Joe Flood (Bautista) is diagnosed with a fatal disease, he decides to take matters into his own hands by killing himself. But when the hitmen he hired also target his ex-girlfriend (Boutella), he must battle an army of assassin comrades to reclaim the love of his life before it’s too late.

The film is executive produced by Bautista, Jonathan Meisner, Chris Milburn, Thane Watkins, Peter E. Strauss, Scott Lambert, Dean Altit, and Adam Fields.

“The Killer’s Game” opens in theaters on September 13. So we have to wait for a hot second, but it should be worth it.