NBA YoungBoy has accused Birdman of betrayal in his new song “Tears of War.”

The Cash Money Records co-founder, who has worked with and mentored the Baton Rouge rapper in recent years, appears to have fallen out with the currently jailed artist.

On the track, which was launched by Akademiks, YoungBoy raps: “Knew that Stunna never loved me, should’ve listened to Carter.”

He was referring to Lil Wayne’s public warning not to trust Birdman on the 2020 song “Multiple Flows” with Lil Uzi Vert duet, where Weezy said: “And I had told YoungBoy to watch out for old head.”

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According to Ak, “Tears of War” was YoungBoy’s last song recorded before his recent incarceration.

The 24-year-old is currently in jail for his alleged role in a drug prescription fraud case in Utah, after previously serving house arrest in an unrelated federal weapons case.

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While it’s unknown what sparked their apparent feud, NBA YoungBoy and Birdman had become close before “Tears of War.”

They teamed up in 2021 to release the collaborative production From the Bayou, which was initially scheduled to come three years earlier.

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Stunna even went so far as to declare that YoungBoy may save Hip Hop in a FaceTime conversation between the two that was shared public last year.

“We need you, bruh,” Birdman informed YB. “This shit is watered down, man. What the fuck, man? This thing is so watered down, bruh. We have to save Hip Hop, bruh. Nephew, you gotta save this shit, bruh. “Real talk.”

His then-protégé responded, “I notice it’s watered down. I’m going to come, though.”

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The veteran rap mogul had previously spoken highly of his fellow Louisiana native, predicting he might be the “biggest rapper” in the game back in September 2021.

“I think NBA YoungBoy might be the biggest rapper,” he stated on the Big Facts Podcast. “Ain’t no n-gga going to be larger than NBA YoungBoy, the numbers don’t lie; he’s the largest YouTube artist, and he’s behind the wall.

“When that lil’ boy get his mind right and he comes from under this bullshit and understands who he is, you know, [Young] Thug and all them, they’re up in age, they’re 30, this n-gga 20.”

He added: “NBA That’s not normal, YoungBoy. He’s not your average person. He is special. That’s a lot of money right there. I believe he is a billion-dollar n-gga in real life. He’s going to get it through touring, merchandise, and songs. We can’t do anything about it.

Birdman also compared YoungBoy to Lil Wayne, stating, “Watching how fast he does music and the value of the music, I saw a lot of similarities between him and Wayne.”