Carrie Underwood finished her concert this weekend by singing in the rain, but there was an even more dramatic ending as she exited the stage… because she fell.

The singer was the headliner at the Carolina Country Music Fest in Myrtle Beach on Sunday night, and she put on one helluva show, which was punctuated by a sudden shower toward the conclusion.

As much of a spectacle as that was, there was something else that drew spectators’ attention as Carrie made her way offstage — her apparent fall. Even more bizarre is that it was captured on video… and we have the footage.

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Check it out… it’s a bit of a subtle moment, but if you look closely, you’ll notice Carrie taking a tumble — or, at the very least, an awkward stumble — as she begins to descend the stairs toward the rear of the stage.

In a flash, it almost looks like Carrie falls through a hole back there… either way, her exit from the stage does not appear natural — and something certainly went wrong.

many in the throng can even be heard screaming that she fell, indicating that many took attention.

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Now, it appears Carrie addressed the fall — she uploaded some photographs from her show this weekend… and mentioned something going wrong at the end… albeit it’s a little ambiguous.

She writes, “Well, last night was really enjoyable! And, despite the unexpected finish, it made for an unforgettable night!” CU included several emojis related to rain and weather, but it’s possible she was referring to the fall at the conclusion.

Either way, she appears to be fine, which is all that matters. We reached out to her representative for clarification, but have yet to hear back.