Connected TV (CTV) continues to grow in popularity, transforming how consumers consume content and advertisers contact their target audiences.

YouTube has over 150 million monthly viewers in living rooms around the country. With the recent launch of the Google TV network, advertisers now have a strong option to connect with consumers on the big screen.

Expanding Reach with Google TV

Google TV has quickly become a popular platform, offering targeted, in-stream video content to over 20 million monthly active Google TV and Android TV OS devices.² This new network improves the viewing experience for TVs and streaming devices from leading manufacturers such as Sony, Hisense, TCL, and Chromecast. Google TV provides a seamless experience for watching movies, shows, and live TV from over 10,000 applications, utilizing features such as Google Assistant, smart home control, built-in channels, and tailored entertainment suggestions.³

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Comprehensive In-Stream Video Inventory

The Google TV network provides in-stream video inventory from over 125 channels incorporated into the platform. These channels feature a diverse range of material, including live sports, full-length TV shows, and movies. Notably, 60% of U.S. households now watch free, ad-supported streaming services and channels, while Google TV’s free channels are watched for more than 75 minutes per day on average.⁴⁵ The network now supports popular CTV ad formats such as non-skippable advertising and 6-second bumper ads, with plans to add more in the future.

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Streamlined Ad Purchasing and Campaign Management

One of the key benefits of the Google TV network is its connection with Google Ads, Google Display, and Video 360. With this connectivity, advertisers can effortlessly plan, buy, and measure Google TV ads alongside current digital video initiatives. Setting up a video campaign is simple: simply choose the Google TV network in addition to YouTube to increase your reach on the home’s largest screen. This strategy allows advertisers to connect directly to the 20 million monthly active Google TV devices in the United States, increasing the effectiveness of in-stream video adverts.

Key Benefits for Advertisers

Targeted Audiences and Extended Reach: Advertisers may design bespoke campaigns that precisely target the relevant audiences, considerably increasing their reach.

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Simplified Ad Buying Process: The combination of Google Ads, Google Display, and Video 360 streamlines the CTV ad buying process, making it more efficient and effective.

Diverse Ad Format Options: With 125 built-in channels on Google TV, advertisers may choose from a number of ad formats to ensure campaign flexibility and performance.

Finally, the Google TV network is poised to transform how advertisers interact with viewers in the connected TV arena. Using this platform, businesses can expand their reach, automate their ad buying process, and deliver engaging video advertising to a highly engaged audience. As CTV grows, Google TV emerges as an important medium for new and effective advertising methods.