Luke Combs will release his album ‘Fathers and Sons’ next week.

The country musician has written an emotional album in honor of his two sons, Beau, who is 10 months old, and Tex, who is almost two.

The lead track, ‘The Man He Sees in Me,’ is out today, with the remainder coming on June 14.

In an Instagram post to his sons, Luke wrote: “To My Boys, first and foremost, I will always love you, no matter what.

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“With this song, I want you to know that, while I am not perfect, I strive every day to be the greatest version of myself for you both. I’ll make mistakes along the way, and I’m sure you’ll become tired of your old father on certain days, but we’ll have a good time too.”

The 34-year-old star, who has children with wife Nicole Hocking, added: “I can’t wait to see what you both turn out to be like, and I hope someday I get to watch you and your kids do the same.

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“Love, Dad.”

‘Fathers and Sons’ is a sequel to 2023’s ‘Gettin’ Old’.

Luke previously stated that he would want to bring his family with him on tour.

During an appearance on Absolute Country Radio, he stated, “I would love to have them out as much as they want, as much as they can be out. You know, I believe that is significant. I don’t want to be a dad who isn’t present, or a dad that you watch on TV and think, “Oh, that’s my dad, and that’s where he is today, I guess,” the actor continued. “Family is vital to me. I’d like to be the man who throws the football to them.