Have you ever considered yourself capable of selling digital meatballs or assisting someone in selecting the ideal Lack?

Do you frequently get lost in the spooky furniture store of the Roblox game 3008? If you live in the United Kingdom and are at least 18 years old, you might be in luck. Ikea is constructing a store in Roblox and seeking its first employees online. Despite the fact that the store is virtual, the remuneration is real—about $16 per hour, not Robux.

The Co-Worker Game, as the Swedish furniture business names its Roblox experience, is due to launch on June 24 and, according to a news release, would allow player-employees to “immerse themselves in the working world of Ikea.” When applying, you must answer questions such as, “If you were pixelated Ikea furniture, what would you be?” asking “What would you do if we ran out of pixelated hot dogs in our bistro?”

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On platforms such as YouTube, content makers are already making videos about their application experiences, highlighting how “weird and wacky” they are. On X, many shared amusing videos of the possible unchillness of a Roblox Ikea, with products flying and others dancing in the background.

Another X user said that the furniture brand has a “long history and lore on Roblox” and wondered how having a real retailer on the game platform would “affect the existing games and community” on it. Games like 3008 appear to have originated from online horror lore, such as “Infinite Ikea.” Creating a standard virtual Ikea in Roblox may not be as appealing as surviving a creepy one.

The Co-Worker Game, on the other hand, is designed to capitalize on that excitement for Ikea. When asked about the importance of Ikea’s online fans in the game’s development, a business representative told WIRED that it was motivated by both online and offline passion for the chain. The game’s new Ikea store will put that love to the test, since it will determine whether or not players want to work for the company, which is Ikea’s ultimate goal. According to Darren Taylor, the company’s people and culture manager for the UK and Ireland, Co-Worker is designed to demonstrate how employees “can change roles, switch departments, and grow in any direction they choose, both in the game and in the real world.”.

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There is also the prospect of making real money, which has traditionally been difficult for new developers who create games utilizing Roblox’s tools. If Gen Zers are already spending “millions of hours daily” on the site, as Roblox’s head of fashion and retail partnerships, Winnie Burke, told Rolling Stone this week, why not monetize it? Burke stated that many Roblox players consider “their digital life just as important—sometimes more—than their physical one.” Their WFH Ikea employment, which pay equivalent wages to real-world jobs, could be equally essential.

Even if it sounds outrageous, it is not uncommon. In 2022, VRChat users painstakingly recreated Kmart storefronts and role-played as employees, interviewing for positions, donning badges, and checking out customers—for free. For some gamers, it was a means to foster camaraderie and overcome the social anxiety that real-life work can sometimes instill.

It’s unclear whether the initiative will continue or be a one-time event, but couples considering their first trip to Ikea together might benefit from a Roblox Ikea dry run.