Martin Lawrence has spoken out after the internet assumed his health was failing on the ‘Bad Boys’ press tour… and he claims he’s fine.

The 59-year-old comic addressed the rumors on Tuesday when sitting with Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” team, following a recent video of Will appearing to assist a frail-looking Martin on top of a bus that sparked a Twitter frenzy.

Ebro offered Martin the floor, asking if he wanted to clarify anything, specifically whether his health was okay in light of all the commotion. Martin did not hesitate to clarify here.

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He says, “I’m fine.” I’m in God’s hands. I am blessed. I’m glad I wake up every day. There is no cause for anyone to be concerned. I’m as healthy as hell. “Stop spreading rumors.”

Again, these allegations are not unfounded; during the L.A. ‘BB4’ premiere, Will plainly guides Martin by hand as they walk along the megabus they were riding in, and Martin’s motions were considerably sluggish.

Of course, his presence at the Emmys comes to mind… when he sparked worry as well. We were assured at the time that he was healthy.

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Despite Martin’s assurances, some fans were not totally satisfied by his explanation on Hot 97… but they promised to continue supporting him.

At this point, if the guy says he’s good, you have to accept his word for it — yet the internet is full of conspiracy theories.

Anyway, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” is in cinemas this week, and he’s still organizing his “Y’all Know What It Is!” tour, which will begin in July.

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