Jaguar Wright and Tokyo Toni have teamed together to level some stunning claims.

Jaguar Wright is no stranger to making outrageous claims on the Internet. She has previously made outlandish charges against Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and others. As a result, her appearance with Tokyo Toni earlier this week came as no surprise. The Finding Love ASAP! celebrity is also known for her internet shenanigans.

In a new video, Tokyo is shown singing along to some music before Wright interrupts to mention Justin Bieber. “Can we talk about why Justin Bieber’s running around breaking up relationships?” she questioned, prompting Blac Chyna’s mother to respond quickly. “Because he was sucking that d*ck on them knees,” she claimed. Wright agreed, accused him of having oral sex with Odell Beckham Jr. “He must have sucked the sh*t out of Odell’s d*ck,” she said. “They’ve got that boy on the clock.”

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Of course, the two women are alluding to a video of Justin Bieber and Odell Beckham Jr. at one of Diddy’s parties that circulated online several years ago. Many people assumed that they were hooking up at the event, but this is entirely unconfirmed. Some have even speculated that it was linked to Beckham Jr.’s recent breakup from Kim Kardashian.

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Obviously, most people don’t believe the duo’s recent charges, which are far from the first stunning ones they’ve made on social media in recent months. While some find their actions amusing, others believe they should simply leave Bieber and Beckham Jr. alone and quit talking about other people’s business.