Pat McAfee had possibly the worst reaction of anyone who remarked on Caitlin Clark this week.

Pat McAfee has been a divisive character at ESPN. Overall, everyone understands that he does not fit the conventional ESPN model. Instead, he’s a noisy former NFL punter who used to run with the fellas at Barstool. Shows like First Take, Get Up!, and NFL Live feature real journalists. However, McAfee is all about frat boy snark. Having stated that, it should come as no surprise that he believed he was making a valid point when he called Caitlin Clark a “White B*tch” on live television.

Of course, the context here is that he was speaking from the standpoint of the entire WNBA. His words are obviously vulgar, but when you consider the context, they are far worse. Ultimately, McAfee is not the right person to speak about race relations and the intersectionality of women’s basketball. Having said that, he is astute enough to recognize that his words yesterday necessitated an apology.

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On his presentation today, McAfee disclosed that he contacted Clark and the Indiana Fever. He stated that he apologized for his remarks and that the team informed him it was “all good.” From then, McAfee stated that Clark appeared to appreciate his outreach. However, it was unclear whether or not they spoke directly. It is a tepid response from the Fever, but given what was stated and the subsequent discussions, it is not unexpected. Clark clearly wants to play basketball and move on.