Adele has no patience for haters and isn’t afraid to tell everyone about it.

After a few years off, the ‘Hello’ singer is back in full force with her latest single release.

Adele performed one of her Las Vegas residency shows on Saturday (1 June).

And the date coincided with the start of Pride Month, albeit Adele was taken aback by what she perceived to be a harsh comment about the LGBTQ+ community-focused festival.

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Adele claimed in a fan-captured video that she heard them remark, ‘Pride sucks’.

Adele asked the audience member, “Did you come to my f**king show and just say that Pride sucks?” “Are you f*king stupid?”

The audience at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum erupted in cheers, and Adele was far from finished.

The ‘Skyfall’ singer said, “Don’t be so f**king foolish. If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut up. “All right?”

Many people commented on the viral video, with the majority stating you shouldn’t mess with Adele, with one writing: “Imagine ADELE saying this to you oh i would just disappear.”

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A new video shows an audience member saying, “Work sucks,” rather than “Pride sucks,” as Adele had previously understood.

The singer soon went viral for championing LGBTQ+ people throughout her show.

However, it appears that the audience member did not say ‘pride sucks’ at all.


Adele furiously shuts down homophobic heckler in the audience of her Las Vegas residency as she blasts them as ‘f***ing stupid’. 🎥 Newsflare #adele #pride #lasvegas #vegas #singer #artist #show

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In another video that has leaked online, Adele can be seen discussing her work schedule right before the comment.

“Friday is basically the beginning of my week, because that’s when I work, basically,” the performer stated.

The heckler then approaches and shouts the words ‘work sucks’.

Adele isn’t afraid to call out people during her gigs; this year, she questioned a security guard who was ‘bothering’ an audience member.

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“Can you stop a minute…. what is going on with that young fan over there,” the Grammy Award winner cried, taking the microphone with her and pointing in the person’s direction.

She stated, “He’s been bothered so much since I came on for standing up…””What is going on with him?”

The singer’s repeated gestures towards people perplexed many people.

“What are you doing?” Why do you disturb him? “Please leave him alone,” she urged, reprimanding someone who had been harassing a fan with ‘a stick in their hand’.

Adele said, “They won’t bother you again, my darling…you enjoy the show.”

After returning to her act, the singer apologized for being disturbed throughout by security and audience members.