While electric vehicles may be better for the environment than traditional combustion engines, many people expect them to cost a lot of money when it comes to electricity bills.

Electric vehicles can be fairly expensive to purchase and maintain. Furthermore, it is easy to forget that, because they must be charged while not in use, they can easily sneak up on you when it comes to paying for energy in your home.

New EV owners normally expect a significant increase in their electricity rates; nevertheless, one Tesla owner on X (previously Twitter) exposed their surprisingly low electricity bill to the world.

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X user @Tesla_GTownTX tweeted a screenshot of the bill he received directly from Tesla for his electrical usage, which came to a measly $2.37. This, according to the user, is greater than typical, as he playfully captioned the post: “First bill I’ve received in the last 12 months. This sucks.

The message left many existing and potential EV users wondering what the user’s secret was for charging his electric vehicle without incurring huge electricity bills.

“I call BS,” claimed one skeptical commenter.

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Another person chimed in on the original poster’s joke, saying, “Man, my sympathies to you in this horrible time.”

It turns out that the user’s secret to having such a low power bill was that he planned ahead of time and made a large purchase to avoid having to pay for the expensive utility every month.

The trick is that the man utilizes solar panels to keep his electric bill from ever exceeding what you’d expect. One of the photographs on his profile shows a Tesla Powerwall, a home battery used to charge Teslas using solar energy, which sheds light on what it takes to avoid excessive electricity rates.

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As one would assume, while this home battery appears to save you hundreds of dollars each month, it’s difficult to determine whether the one-time investment for the Tesla Powerwall is worth a lower power bill.

According to Forbes, these Tesla Powerwalls can cost more than $11,000 per battery, and the more you have, the more electricity you’ll save. If you want to lower the price, you’d have to buy five batteries for $40,500, which equates to a still-astronomical $8,100 each.

So, while it may appear that the man lucked out with such a low price, he did not get off easy when it came to make a hefty payment.