Today, Fubo quietly released its highly anticipated free streaming service. Past customers can now view 170+ free ad-supported channels with on-demand content without having to join up for a paid Fubo account.

The only catch is that Fubo requires an account to access the content. When you log in and are asked if you want to sign up, you can select the free option at the bottom as a previous Fubo subscriber. Unlike Sling TV, Fubo’s help website, which appeared today and was originally spotted by The Streamable, allows anyone to watch its free material even if they are not a customer.

Fubo has recently begun to gradually expand its channel roster with free programming. Fubo now offers over 170 free ad-supported channels.

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Fubo, unlike Sling TV and Philo, which both offer a free ad-supported subscription, does not have a DVR.

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This comes after Fubo introduced a free ad-supported streaming service earlier this week. Philo will provide free channels, the majority of which can be DVRed for free. No credit card is required to use this new free service and DVR.

“Another way we’ve been working to provide greater value to our members is by growing the inventory of free channels available through Philo. We presently have a handpicked selection of 70+ free channels ranging from reality to music, news to vintage TV, with more to come over time. What’s new is that customers can now join up to view and record the majority of free channels without becoming a Core member or supplying a credit card. Whether someone isn’t ready to make the transition to Core or is simply taking a break, we want to provide them a diverse variety of outstanding TV and movies.” Philo issued a statement on its website.

Both Fubo and Philo appear to be hoping that these free services would keep previous users using the app and resubscribing. The longer they use the app, the more likely they are to renew their subscription.